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"Complete Property Maintenance Service" isn't just our tag line, it is why our customers depend on us. Over the years, R & J Chase Enterprises, Inc. has added companies (like Chase Electric and C&C Outdoor Power Equipment) and services to serve and support your property maintenance needs. Everything from the inside of your home, to your gardens and lawn, electrical and sprinkler systems, lawn equipment and the list goes on. Call Helping Hands and More and you can be confident you'll get the right team for your job, no matter what the maintenance needs are.

Residential Lawn Care

We have mowed and maintained thousands of acres for hundreds of customers. But there is so much more to it than that. We are trained and certified in the proper treatment of your lawn using EPA approved methods.


The right treatement for your lawn at the correct season is critial in the control of weeds and insects that can wreak havoc. Another thing that is frequently overlooked is erosion control through the use of proper plants, retaining walls, terracing and other methods.


Call us to schedule an appointment to discuss your lawn care needs.

Commercial Lawn Care


How well your business looks from the street is our business. You may have your local headquarters that needs maintained or several franchise locations. The first impression you send to your visitors is a well-groomed property.


Don't risk your image to the local neighbor who has to work on saturday, or decides to play golf instead of take care of you. Helping Hands has a large staff and will make sure your lawn is managed professionally and on-time, every time.


We look forward to getting you a proposal to make your first impression the best. Let's get started...Call us today to schedule a free on-site meeting. 

Property Maintenance


It's not only about grass. Many lawn management companies are so busy flying from one lawn to the next that they'll miss the smaller elements which add that finishing touch. When we develop your maintenance proposal, we will ask you what extras you're expecting...and then make sure they are taken care of. We can provide you with edging, weeding, trimming, and other services that add to your curb appeal.


In addtion to lawn care, our professional staff are experts in ground lighting, sprinkler systems, tree care, gardening services, and so much more. Be sure to let us know about the extra work you would like taken care of on a weekly or monthly basis.


Call us today. We would love to meet with you to discuss your property maintenance needs.

Our Services

Snow Removal


Got a parking lot? Need to make sure you can get to work in the morning? Long driveway?


A surprise snowfall during the night can really change your schedule for the next day if you're caught unprepared. Contract us to make sure you're snow is removed from your driving and walking surfaces in a timely manner. If you don't want to pay for salt and plowing everytime it snows, let us know your minimum snowfall criteria and we'll only show up on those occassions.


Call us now to make sure your properties are added to our list, and then relax knowing that we will stay up all you don't have to.

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